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Kyzzak is Eric W Becker, a motion graphics animator with 10 years experience in entertainment marketing.  Knows the elements and principles of visual design, rules of composition in photography, fundamentals of color theory, principles of motion in animation.  Expert skills in After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, Cinema 4D.


Kyzzak specializes in kinetic typography, 3D rendering, data-driven designs.  Codes custom After Effects expressions with experience in JavaScript programming.  Designs style frames for pitch presentation decks.  Animates with professional execution and speedy roll out of deliverables.  Leads graphics teams in creative direction, assigning work, managing project time-lines.


Kyzzak delivers award-winning work.  Daily graphics for Emmy-winning daytime talk show by Warner Bros and Fox.  9 Squares Award for standout employee at New Wave Entertainment.  Shorty Award for social media marketing with for Netflix.  Clio Award for streaming integrated campaign with Paradise for Amazon Prime.


Always looking for exciting new projects.